About Our Clinics

Our osteopathic teaching clinic offers dedicated osteopathic care by senior osteopathic students under the supervision of experienced Registered Osteopaths.

At BCOM Clinic we are renowned for providing affordable osteopathic care and our unique holistic or naturopathic approach to osteopathy. We offer treatment for many musculoskeletal conditions. The well-established clinic offers approximately 11,000 patient appointments each year. Patients of all ages come to BCOM Clinic for treatment of a wide variety of conditions.

When contacting the clinic, we will offer you an appointment at the earliest opportunity. We also offer health screening including fitness assessments, BodPod assessments and bone scans.

At BCOM, we take a naturopathic approach to health, which means we focus on helping you improve your overall health, as well as your muscle or joint pain.

The Clinic Team

shireen ismail
Head of Clinic
Osteopath Clinic Coordinator
justyna opala
Clinic Admin Manager
mohammed maki
Clinic Receptionist
kiya banfield
Clinic Receptionist
lysette portinari
Clinic Receptionist