Baseline Fitness Assessment Packages

Unfortunately, some of the baseline fitness packages involving the VO2max assessment are currently not available until further notice due to equipment servicing. We will update this page when testing has resumed.

At BCOM, we have designed fitness assessment packages to suit a variety of needs that can be used to support individuals, trainers and their clients.

Regular fitness testing can objectively measure the effectiveness of exercise programs and can possibly save months or even years of hard work.

The tests also enable personal trainers to more efficiently track their clients’ progress and also provide positive valuable and quantifiable feedback to their clients.

We offer 3 fitness assessment packages which can be chosen according to you or your client’s requirements and level of training. Separate tests are available by arrangement, prices on request. A screening questionnaires will be sent out, prior to testing, for completion to determine suitability for each test.

General Fitness Assessment (60 minutes – £80)

  • Blood pressure using digital monitor.
  • VO2max as assessed by submaximal exercise stress test using Metalyser 3B on either bicycle ergometer or treadmill.
  • Body fat percentage and lean mass assessment using Bod Pod
  • Waist / Hip ratio.
  • Bone scan using CUBAclinical heel ultrasound.
  • Flexibility using a sit and reach bench.

Advanced Cardiovascular Assessment (60 minutes – £80)

  • VO2max assessed by maximal exercise stress test using Metalyser 3B on either bicycle ergometer or treadmill.
  • Heart rate in response to exercise.
  • Lung function and efficiency; FVC (Forced Vital Capacity) and FEV1 (Forced Expiratory Volume in One second) measured using digital spirometer.

Muscle Strength and Endurance Assessment £60

  • Maximal force generated, work per repetition and fatigue index using Cybex Norm, usually working the knee, other joints may be selected.
  • Hand grip strength using hand dynamometer.

Availability, Booking and Fees

Costs for the ‘Baseline Fitness Assessment Packages’ vary (see above). Live availability and online booking for Spirometry assessments can be made via ‘You Can Book Me’. Alternatively please email Will Gowers and we will accommodate your request as best as possible.