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Undergraduate Courses

Osteopathy Degree Courses (UK)

We are proud to offer two high quality undergraduate Osteopathy degree courses, with flexible study options provided to meet the personal and professional goals of our students: the Master of Osteopathy and the BSc (Hons) Osteopathy (our modified attendance course) is available at our London and Kent sites. Our degree courses are validated by the University of Plymouth.

Please note if you intend to practice overseas, we recommend that you research the requirements of your chosen country before enrolling on the programme of study.

The Master of Osteopathy (MOst) is a four-year undergraduate degree programme, validated by the University of Plymouth. This is an integrated masters programme, combining undergraduate and postgraduate level study into a single course.

Students on the MOst programme are able to fully immerse themselves in the osteopathic education, teaching facilities and social activities available at each site. Electives and flexible study options in the final year also allow students to gain experience in areas of special interest, with hands-on experience within our specialist clinics introducing students to more complex cases.

The MOst is offered at both our London (BCOM) and Kent (ESO) sites. Students have access to the resources and expert knowledge at each, to ensure a broad osteopathic and naturopathic education.

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The BSc(Hons) Osteopathy is a four-year undergraduate ‘modified attendance’ degree programme, validated by the University of Plymouth; theory lectures are live-streamed to allow online participation, with in-person practical classes and clinical experience.

The BSc is designed for those looking to study flexibly around work/life commitments. The course is run over two evenings a week and one weekend day a month. Additional hours are needed for the completion of essential clinical hours and for optional tutorials.

This is an intense full-time degree programme, which requires commitment and self-directed study from the student.

The BSc(Hons) Osteopathy is offered at our London (BCOM) site and will be offered from September 2024 at our Kent (ESO) site.

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Both degrees meet the standards required of the General Osteopathic Council’s GOPRE and OPS.

Our comparison table, below, outlines key features of each course - please be aware that content, method of delivery and assessment may differ to reflect the level and mode of study.

For more information and modules please visit the individual course pages.

Available in
London & Kent
Available in
London & from September 2024 in Kent
Four-years, full-time. Classes run Monday to Friday, between 9.00am and 5.30/6.00pm, with extended evening clinic hours in Years 3 & 4
Four-years, full-time. Classes run two evenings a week and one Saturday a month with additional hours needed for time in the teaching clinic
Recognised by the General Osteopathic Council
1,000 hours of clinical experience
50 new patient interactions
Experienced, specialist lecturers and tutors
Face-to-face practical classes
A dedicated business skills module (including business management, marketing, taxation)
Careers advice and support, with help to find new job opportunities, before and after graduation
Transferable skills and attributes, allowing for a varied and successful career
Option to study across both sites / clinics (London and Kent)
In London and from September 2024 in Kent
High quality support and resources
- On-campus/live-streamed theory lectures; Tutorials; On-site library facilities; Access to online learning resources and recorded lectures; Support from our Student Welfare team
A broad, holistic degree programme
- Anatomy; Physiology; Clinical Diagnosis, Pathology & Pharmacology; Nutrition, Health & Wellbeing; Functional Nutrition; Paediatrics; Psychology; Clinical Methods; MSK Diagnosis; Technique Practice [includes structural and functional approaches]; Professionalism & Clinical Integration; Clinical Practice; Research Methods & Project; Advanced Skills in Practice
Masters level modules (Level 7):
- Complex Case Management; Leadership; Research Methods & Investigation; Business Skills & Practice Management
Choice of electives:
- Year 3: Women’s Health / Care of the Older Adult - Year 4: Pain Management / Introduction to Osteopathic Sports Care