Obituary: Margery Bloomfield

It is our very sad task, but also our very great privilege, to announce the death of arguably the most important individual in the life of the ESO – Margery Bloomfield.

Margery died on Wednesday, March 20th, 2024, aged 94. She, together with her then husband, Tom Dummer, founded the ESO in 1974, although the origins of the School date back to 1951. By 1987, Tom had stepped away from leadership of the School and it is true to say that but for Margery, the ESO would not have survived its early years. It was her vision, courage, indomitable spirit, belief in the truth of osteopathy, and in herself, that enabled the ESO to achieve Europe-wide recognition and influence, allowing the ESO particular approach to osteopathy, to flourish and spread.

Under her tutelage, the ESO gained professional and academic recognition, with its undergraduate programme gaining degree status in 1993 and the School the first masters osteopathic qualification in the UK in 1994. Margery was a wonderful enabler, assembling expert teaching teams to bring together students of osteopathy of all ages, so laying the foundations for a Europe-wide profession to perpetuate the osteopathic message. When at 68, she finally handed over the reins to Renzo Molinari, her chosen successor, she did so secure in the knowledge that the School was on a footing, financial and otherwise, as secure as she could make it. She was a true osteopath in all but training and a wonderful lady – a second Gloriana. She will be greatly missed by all who knew her.