Student Facilites At BCOM London

BCOM Library

The BCOM library provides an accessible and supportive learning environment.

We have more than 4,500 books on a wide range of medical and health sciences topics, such as anatomy, physiology, osteopathy, manual therapies, sports science, nutrition, statistics and ethics.

From books to journals to anatomical models to flashcards, our students can utilise a wide range of high-quality scientific resources. This includes online access to Plymouth University’s library catalogues and e-learning tools (our partner university).

We also provide rapid access to inter-library loan articles through collaboration with other osteopathic and health sector libraries in London.

Students are given essential library skills support (e.g. referencing, effective database searching) and study skills support (e.g. essay writing).

BCOM Library is open to members of the public and BCOM alumni. If you would like to arrange a visit or for further information please contact or on 020 7443 9910.

To access the BCOM Library catalogue click here.

Human Performance Laboratory

This lab is at the heart of BCOM’s research, with many students making the most of these advanced facilities during their research work. Equipment in this lab includes RS Scan foot scan; Electromyograph; Digitalmyograph; Cubaclinical; Portable Spirometer; BodPod; Cortex; Cybex Norm; Laser Doppler; Back Range and Cervical Range protractors; Treadmill; Exercise Bikes; Blood Pressure Monitors; Skin-fold Callipers; and a Fastrak 3D tracker system.

Teaching Clinic

The fully functioning BCOM teaching clinic is conveniently located on the same site as our campus. Providing over 20,000 treatment sessions every year, it is no surprise that the BCOM Clinic is listed as being one of the largest osteopathic clinics in the UK.

Practical Rooms

Our practical rooms are well maintained, enabling our students to become familiar with the clinical environment from Year 1.


BCOM invests in innovative equipment for use in research and lectures, to enhance our student’s practical learning experience.

Student Area

Our student area has a fully equipped kitchen, seating area and sofas as well as a pool table and table tennis table. Many student events take place in the student area from cinema nights to bingo nights to parties.