Headache Clinic

Our specialist Headache Clinic was founded to help those suffering with benign yet debilitating persistent or chronic headaches*, which they have had for over 6 months. (It is not suitable for new onset headaches not previously seen by a doctor.)

*Patients attending our general clinic for help with headaches may also be referred to Headache Clinic for re-evaluation if current osteopathic treatment is not proving effective.



Appointment Fees
New Patient and Returning Patient Standard Consultation Fee - Daytime £30, Evening £30, no concession appointments available

About Our Headache Clinic

Consultations are provided by final year student practitioners, closely supervised by an experienced headache-trained osteopathic tutor. The team carry out recognised safety screening procedures and a thorough assessment, followed by tailor-made advice and, where appropriate, treatment; often this means working hand-in-hand with the patient’s own or specialist health professionals. Above all, we encourage patients themselves to collaborate with us in our aim to help reduce the impact of their headaches on their lives.

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You can find more information about headaches in the Q&A section below. If you have any questions about the suitability of our Headache Clinic to your headache situation, please email clinic.eso@bcnogroup.ac.uk. Our Headache Clinic lead, Helena Bridge, can call you to discuss your concerns.


Headache Clinic Times

Wednesday evenings

First consultation: 1hr 20mins

Continuing consultations: 40mins

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Clinic Testimonials

Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday: 9 am – 8.30 pm
Friday: 9 am – 6 pm

Appointment Times

New patient appointments: 1 hr 20 mins.
Continuing patient appointments: 40 mins.

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To book an appointment or for further information, call 01622 685989. Alternatively, you can fill out our enquiry form by clicking the link below.