About BCNO

Our ambition: to be the leading osteopathic educational institution and the first choice for those looking to study Osteopathy

Osteopathy provides a patient-centred approach to health, helping a wide range of medical conditions through a system of diagnosis and management. Osteopathy also includes patient self-help and education to improve function, reduce recurrence and with the promotion of wellbeing. Osteopaths became Allied Health Professionals in 2017.

Changes in both healthcare and education have revealed exciting opportunities for the osteopathic profession. In recognition of this, the British College of Osteopathic Medicine and the European School of Osteopathy, two internationally recognised osteopathic schools, have joined together to:-

  • expand educational pathways
  • unlock options for flexible study 
  • provide innovative and topical learning experiences 

United together under the parent company, British College of Naturopathy & Osteopathy (BCNO Limited), we will ensure our graduates are ready to embrace the new and wider opportunities evolving within the profession.

We offer students the option to study flexibly across both sites in London and Kent, utilising technological advances in teaching and learning, shared resources and facilities and importantly harnessing the passion and expertise that exists within each institution. Students also have access to a larger student network for learning purposes and for social events.

BNCO provides a student and patient-centric culture, working in pursuit of excellence through research and respect for creativity and innovation to prepare our graduates for an exciting career in osteopathy. We will be collaborating closely with fellow OEIs and the Institute of Osteopathy, to ensure our profession is fully prepared to take full advantage of emerging possibilities. :- 



BCNO Group and its clinics and schools are charities and you can help us to further serve our local community by donating . This enables us to offer affordable, concessionary and free osteopathic treatment. Your donations will also go towards advancing BCNO’s osteopathic research and education.

Helping to serve our local community

  • BCOM and ESO as well as being a higher educational institutions are also a registered charity in England and Wales
  • BCNO Group not only provides undergraduate and postgraduate osteopathic education but also provides access to osteopathic care to the community and promotes research in osteopathy.
  • BCNO Group provides holistic and naturopathic osteopathic medicine to a full community of patients of all ages and with a wide range of conditions.
  • BCNO Group provides a free children’s clinic and a number of concessionary or free appointments for other age groups.
  • BCNO Group students and the Student Union also raise money for events such as Children in Need and World Book Day through cake and book sales.

For further information on how to donate to BCNO please contact us, or email donations@bcom.ac.uk