About The BCNO Group

We are the leading osteopathic educational institution and the first choice for those looking to study Osteopathy

Why study with us?

About the BCNO Group

United together under the parent company, British College of Naturopathy & Osteopathy (BCNO Limited), we ensure our graduates are ready to embrace the new and wider opportunities evolving within the profession.

We offer students to study our undergraduate degrees in London and our postgraduate and international degrees in Kent, utilising technological advances in teaching and learning, shared resources and facilities and importantly harnessing the passion and expertise that exists within each institution. Students also have access to a large network for learning purposes and for social events.

The BCNO Group provides a student and patient-centric culture, working in pursuit of excellence through research, and respect for creativity and innovation, to prepare our graduates for an exciting career in osteopathy.


To be a leading educational establishment of choice for future generations of osteopaths and other healthcare professionals.


Our vision is to provide students with an educational experience which surpasses their expectations; providing them with the skills, knowledge and confidence to lead fulfilling careers as osteopaths or other healthcare professionals.  We will achieve this through the quality of our teaching methods and approach, delivered within an inclusive, supportive and diverse learning environment.


Be the best at what we do

Collaborate with the osteopathic community and other healthcare professionals to achieve our goals

Nurture learning and a desire to succeed among our students

Opportunity to develop professionally and personally

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