Value for Money

The BCNO Group is a specialist higher education institution operating as a charity (registered charity number 312907), with any surplus money being reinvested into the charity. The BCNO Group's principal activity is the provision of higher education qualifications in Osteopathy; the principal qualifications are further regulated by the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC), the statutory regulatory body.
The BCNO Group's governing body ensures adequate and effective management is in place to provide transparency around value for money.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees cover the cost of:

  • Qualifications that are recognised by the Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies (PSRB), allowing successful students to apply to register as an Osteopath.
  • Students receive a substantial amount of face-to-face, hands-on teaching in Years 1 and 2, which increases in Years 3 and 4, with students needing to fulfil 1000 clinical hours over the four years of the degree. This does not include pastoral support and study skills workshops.
  • Students in practical classes are taught at a ratio of 1:10 as per regulatory requirements.
  • Practical teaching is in small classes of no more than 40 students.
  • Clinical students (Years 3 and 4) are closely supervised in the busy teaching clinic. Students work in groups with a ratio of 1:5 on average.
  • Our size means students can access senior staff, including the senior management team, as the student requires.
  • Students can visit a prosection laboratory in Years 1 and 2, under the supervision of a lecturer.
  • We support graduates who may require extra support through mentoring in the our teaching clinics.
  • Students are offered 1:1 support pastorally and academically.


Where do we obtain our income from?

Our total income in 2021/2022 was £4,294,881. That income comprised 90% from tuition fees, 8.6% from clinical services and just over 1% from other sources.

















What do we spend our money on?

Over half of our income goes towards staff costs (58%). This includes wages for all staff (faculty and support staff), pension contributions and employer taxes.

Please note expenditure for 2021/2022 includes the legal costs for the merger of BCNO Limited and OE&R Limited (The British College of Osteopathic Medicine and The European School of Osteopathy).







Where does my tuition fee go?

For transparency, we have broken down where the home-capped student fee (£9,250) is spent.

Academic and Professional Staff (57%)

This includes payment for lecturing staff, clinical teaching staff, admissions and course staff. It includes salaries, pension contributions, and employment costs such as national insurance.

Estates & Facilities (12%)

This includes maintenance, services such as lighting, heating, cleaning, rates and insurance.

Administration (21%)

This includes HR, clinic reception staff, finance and strategic costs.

Library, IT and Academic Services (6%)

Library staff, learning resources (including the student virula learning enviroment - VLE),  IT, quality staff and clinic reception staff.

Marketing (3%)

Advertising, outreach and maintenance of the website.

Student Support & Welfare (2%)

Student support, welfare, bursaries, counselling and extra-curricular activities.

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