Student Life at ESO Kent

Welcome to the European School of Osteopathy

ESO is our osteopathic higher education institution in Maidstone, Kent and has a world-class and international reputation for high quality osteopathic education. We will be offering our undergraduate Osteopathy degree at ESO Kent from September 2025.

ESO is also the centre for our ESO International activity, postgraduate and continuing professional development (CPD); and osteopathic and allied health clinical activity.


Osteopathy student


In employment 6 months after Graduation

BCOM/BCNO Graduate survey

Osteopathy student

Academic Quality

Founded in 1951, ESO has a strong academic legacy

Osteopathy student

International Reputation

The School has a long tradition of forming international links and is closely associated with osteopathic organisations across Europe 

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The course is intellectually stimulating

Data from National Student Survey 2022

Osteopathy student


My course has provided opportunities to apply what I have learnt

Data from the National Student Survey 2022

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