Clearing Stories

Many of our students join us through Clearing, read our students clearing story below.

Amandeep, Year 3

“Before joining BCOM I had jumped between a few different professions, not seeming to have discovered my ideal career. I always knew I wanted to do something hands on and be able to directly see the positive impact of my work.

So, one day I found myself watching an Osteopathic treatment video on YouTube. I was intrigued to look into this practice more, when I eventually came across BCOM’s website. I was pleased watching testimonies from past students and reading about what BCOM had to offer, being comforted especially by its acclaimed close-knit family atmosphere. I contemplated whether it was too late for me to start studying at university for the first time but motivation from some friends and also advice from a long-term practicing Osteopath in my local community (who I found out graduated from BCOM funnily enough) encouraged me to go through with it.

I tried my luck at applying for the Master of Osteopathy degree even though it was towards the end of September after the course had already begun for the year.

Within a matter of days, I learnt that I had stepped down a whole new career path and have not looked back since. I have had many great experiences in my first year with fellow students and supportive lecturers, tutors and other staff members, and look forward to building on this. I cannot recommend BCOM highly enough!”


Kallula, Year 2

"During my first experience with an Osteopath I was intrigued as to why I was being asked so many questions regarding my health and lifestyle. When my Osteopath explained to me the holistic philosophy behind Osteopathy and connections between, body function, nutrition, mental wellness, environment - this peaked my interest. From personal experience, I knew these were all connected and wanted to find out more.

I did research into the discipline and despite coming from a completely different background (I have worked in Advertising for 12 years) - I felt Osteopathy was my calling in life. A rewarding career where I could help make an impact on people's lives.

I chose BCOM because of its focus on Naturopathy and Nutrition - this made the course unique to other top universities in the UK. Since I had no background in science, I contacted the university and admissions (Alex) was able to advise me on courses I could complete as a mature student of 33 years old in order to gain admission to the course.

The process was challenging but very rewarding and taught me the valuable lesson that I am able to choose my course in life and change is very much possible if you have the confidence to push your boundaries. I am now about to complete 2nd year which marks the halfway mark of the Masters degree."