Student Accommodation at ESO Kent

A variety of affordable housing is available in the buzzing town of Maidstone, including apartments, house shares, and family homes. Most of our students like to join a house share with fellow students.

Before students join, the ESO provides a comprehensive list of rental agencies and available housing, which is kept up to date through the summer. This accommodation list is accessible through the Learning Zone once the student has accepted their offer. Meanwhile, our students are invited by the Admissions team to a Facebook Group, where they can speak to other joining students, find potential house mates, and arrange accommodation.

Whilst properties are not managed by the ESO, we are here to help you every step of the way. The ESO does not vet any properties and we would recommend viewing any potential properties before committing. However, we do know many of the local property owners and are happy to offer our advice wherever it is needed.